01. Why Burrow Baby? What makes it so great?

The Burrow Wraps are Proudly Handmade in Australia, using sustainable Bamboo fabrics. The material has many unique properties, It is light, Strong and Breathable which is perfect for both hot and cold climates. One of the main reasons that we use Bamboo fabric is because it is soft and can be worn directly onto the skin, which makes it nice and comfortable for baby and the wearer. Each wrap is made with the outmost love from the little pocket on the front, to the slim line look & tapered ends, finishing with the Burrow String bag that you carry it in xx.

02.How easy is the Burrow Wrap to put on?

While the Burrow Wrap may look difficult to put on, it is actually Easy peasy Lemon Squeezy!! :-). Its just like learning to tie your shoelaces. When you've done it a few times you are good to go. It may take a little longer to put on than the Ring Slings, but for a few extra seconds I promise you that you and bub will feel as snug as bug in a rug!

03. Up to what weight can i carry my baby?

The Burrow Wrap has been designed to allow parents to carry there bub in the first year, and most of this carrying time will be in that first 6 months. Every Baby is different, from height to mobility all of which can play a different role in how long your bub will want to be carried. Most infants over the age of 1 and a 1/2 years no longer desire to be carried as much, so you can still wear your bub but it tends to be shorter and less frequent. While the Burrow wrap is most useful from birth to 1 year, it is still comfortable for use beyond this point, especially for those times when your little one is a little clingy, feeling sickly, or just wants to be held a lot - so keep it at arms reach ;-)

04. How soon can i start to wear my baby in the wrap?

We Recommend going from Womb to wrap as burrow wraps are the most womb-like environment your baby can experience post-birth. Although wearers of babies under 7lb need to take EXTRA CARE to keep air passage ways clear. They are ideal for mothers who have been recommended/instructed Kangaroo Care.

05. Is it too Hot for Summer/ Cold in winter?

As the Burrow Wrap is made using Bamboo Fabric It is Perfect for Hot Climates as it Wicks away Moisture. As the fabric is stretchy you can also adjust it to cover less of your body & let the airflow in. I do Suggest treating the Burrow wrap as an extra piece of clothing, so in the summer months we suggest keeping clothing light and minimal for both you and your baby. Bamboo Fabric is Insulating which will keep you cold in summer and hot in winter.

06. How do i wash my Wrap?

We recommend washing rather than dry cleaning for our Burrow Wrap. Use the gentle wash cycle from cold to 40 degrees, or hand wash and use a good brand of gentle soap powder or liquid, (with no bleach) If hand washing, rinse well to help prevent staining caused by oxidation of cellulose by the leftover soap build-up. Line drying in the sun is best, if possible. Machine drying is ok but don’t over do it! Over drying can result in damaged fabrics.

07. Can I breastfeed in the Burrow Wrap?

Most Certainly! The Burrow wrap allows for a more discreet way to breastfeed in public, simply loosen the tie a little and re-position your baby so they can attach properly. You may need to re-tie your wrap when feeding. You can also use your Burrow to through over your shoulder as a feeding cover if you are not using it.

08. My Baby feels too low, am I doing something wrong?

Our Bamboo fabric has a little stretch to make wrapping your baby easier. It is very important that you wrap your burrow securely & tight enough before adding your baby or they will slip down too far. You will find that this is more of an issue with larger baby's. If this is the case, remove your baby and re-tie your wrap making sure that you pull down TIGHT over you shoulders through the band against your chest as this is what makes for a secure fit when carrying. If you find that your bub is too hi, carefully remove your bub and re-tie your burrow by loosening it slightly over your shoulders while making sure the band is still nice and tight against your chest. By Spreading the fabric from knee to knee will ensure your bub has a nice wide seat and can sit upright against your chest,

09. How does your Sizing Work?

The Burrow Wrap is approx 4 metres in length. It has been designed so that one size fits Most. The only difference is how many times the wrap will tie around your waist. It only requires to be wrapped around you once when tying it off.

10. Can I carry my Baby Facing out using a Burrow Wrap?

No the Burrow wrap is not designed to carry your baby facing out as it is stretchy. By Spreading the fabric from knee to knee will ensure your bub has a nice wide seat and can sit upright against your chest,

11. I Have had a C-Section Can I Use a Wrap?

You can most certainly, providing you have rested up and are feeling well enough to carry your little one. Just be careful when tying your wrap. The weight is carried from the shoulders which should not impact on your incision. Take it easy and don't over do it. xx

12. Where are your wraps made?

Our wraps are proudly made by stay at home moms in Australia