Our instincts tell us to keep our babies close, where they are being loved and Safe. Using a Burrow Baby Carrier will allow you to do this, but unlike using any baby carrier it can be a little daunting at first, but if you follow our easy step by step Video instructions here and follow the below Key safety guidelines you will be carrying your little one closely and securely in know time.

  • When wearing your Burrow Baby Wrap SAFETY is key so please exercise caution, ensuring you are always wearing the wrap correctly and most importantly your baby is FULLY SECURE
  • DO NOT wear baby on your back or Facing Forward.
  • ALWAYS take baby out before taking your carrier off
  • DO NOT wear whilst sleeping
  • DO NOT bend forward from the waist, always bend from the knees while supporting baby
  • DO NOT use whilst swimming or in the water
  • DO NOT use near hot surfaces or liquids, or when cooking

REMEMBER: the safety of your baby is your responsibility and the use of this wrap is at your own risk.