How to tie Your Wrap!

  1. Find the Pocket with the Burrow logo and centre it under your bust/chest. 

  2. Bring either side around your back and crisscross the material. Bring it over your shoulders and under the belt in front (The Burrow pocket). Ensure the material does not twist. Pull down TIGHT at this stage to apply the correct tension, this will ensure a nice secure fit for you and baby. As you baby gets heavier just keep pulling tighter. 

  3. Once you have found the right tension over your shoulders, cross the straps at the front & wrap them around your waist as many times as they will fit, secure them with a DOUBLE knot at either the back, side or front. 

  4. Remember the Burrow Wrap is Stretchy, Always ensure your wrap is tight so baby feels SECURE, firm and high under your chin.  If you feel baby is not secure or feels like he or she is sinking, safely remove and tie your wrap TIGHTER.

  5. Always remember to wear SAFE, keeping bubs head upright with airways clear & head just under your chin.

Enjoy Cuddling xx


How to tie a Burrow Baby Wrap

Suitable for babies of all ages. From Newborn to toddler.

1. Always put bubs first leg into fabric which is closest to your chest.

2. Follow with the opposite leg

3. Spread fabric from knee to knee

4. Bring the waist band (burrow logo) up over each leg & pull up to support your little ones back.

Enjoy Cuddling xx



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